CSS 150-1300
Mixing, Granulating and Drying in Combination


, Efficiency: reproducible processes and automated programmes   with low set-up times
, Safety: individual consideration to ATEX norms of all explosion   risks.
, Through-the-wall-concept: strict separation of production and   technical area
, Containment conscious design: processing of the product in a   closed system, special solutions for highly active substances
, From one source: complete range of equipment for materials   handling and product preparation
, Future-proof: Top-Spray-/ Bottom-Spray-processes in the fluid   bed dryer
, Qualification: Pharmaceutical industry qualification standards to   GAMP 4



 DIOSNA machines and equipment are used by leading companies worldwide. They are the product of  proven reliability and know-how in a wide variety of applications and handling many products. Diosna  Systems stand for innovative pharmaceutical production equipment of constantly high quality.
 DIOSNA offers the principal elements of modern solids production plant - the mixer-granulator and fluid  bed dryer - from one source. In our CCS concept these two pieces of equipment are coupled together.  This allows optimal arrangement of the production area, and the most effective interfacing.
 Mixers and dryers are matched. The installation can be optimised, and maximum efficiency of the  production process is guaranteed. Either vertical or horizontal product flow can be provided.
 Both pieces of equipment are operated from a common operator interface. Nevertheless each machine  remains independent and can be run without the other at any time. Not only does the combination of the  items of plant allow completely closed product transfer and the utilization of common cleaning devices but  also gives simple and effective controls for the operating and maintenance personnel.