Fluid Bed Batch Processing Plants in production scale
Drying, granulating, coating


, Safety: pressure-shock resistant design, using proofed safety concepts
, Flexibility: individual systems for inlet and exhaust air, air conditioning
, cGMP conf orming: closed feeding and discharging systems for contained dust
 free processing
, Cleanability: comprehensive cleaning concepts from WIP to CIP
, Effective: optimised air flow using special air distributor plates
, Reproducible: Top-Spray- / Bottom-Spray-processes, Wurster coating
, Future proof: designed for retrofitting of process components when needed
, Competent Controls: control systems to suit your needs
, Qualification: pharmaceutical industry conforming qualification
 services,according to GAMP 4


 Modern and new product forms are becoming more important in the solids
 processing aspects of many industries. At the same time the demands for
 improved basic materials and formulations are rising.


When compared with other methods, the processes of heat and mass transfer found in fluid bed processing make the drying process considerably faster. Also the high drying speed, excellent mixing quality and individualised particles allow a specific alteration of the product¨s fine structure.
Spray granulation or coating processes can be carried out with either Top- or Bottom-Spray locations to transform an active substance into the required product form.

DIOSNA offers equipment for every aspect of CAP fluid bed processing, including granulating liquid tanks, cleaning stations, wet and dry granule milling, lifting columns and vacuum conveying systems. All equipment components can be integrated into the overall system control