Pharma Mixer P 100 and 150
Mixing and Granulating


, Accessible, user-friendly machine frame
, Reproducible mixing and granulating processes
, Compact size, high performance
, Easy to clean (WIP)
, Can be set up free-standing, or against a wall to a technical  area
, Designed to meet the requirements for the innovative  production of pharmaceutical products


 DIOSNA Pharma Mixers P 100 and P 150 are designed for  efficient mixing and wet granulation of tablet masses. The  flexible concept behind the P 100 and P 150 - especially  suited for Pilot Plants and as small production machines  provides a wide range of opportunities for powder and liquid  feeding and offers a number of variants for settinup, cleaning  and control, and also connection to sieving mills and dryers.


DIOSNA Pharma Mixers P 100 and P 150 are tailored down to the very last detail to fulfil every practical requirement.
Special designs and components for individual applications and needs can be manufactured on request.