VCC 25-300
Film-Coating of tablets. Efficient, accurate, fast.


, Pilot- and production plants from 25 to 300 kg (VCC 25 to  VCC 300):
, Controlled and gentle product movement using  centrifugal forces
, Application of the coating media by centrically arranged  DIOSNA-spraying nozzle
, Even coating and quick drying
, Compact size, space saving installation
, Easy handling
, 50 % shorter process times compared to conventional  coating systems


 The DIOSNA Vertical Centrifugal VCC gives a new  definition of coating technology, leaving behind many of  the well-known disadvantages of conventional coaters.


The flexible concept of the VCC offers various ways of application and stands for convincing coating results - even with products of adverse flow characteristics or special shapes. High drying performance of the VCC and optimized product flow reduce the process times by more than 50 % - not only with organic but also with aqueous processes.

With the DIOSNA spraying nozzle in the centre the tablets are sprayed with coating material (360‘). Due to very low spray losses the consumption of coating material is considerably reduced. The standard deviations in the coating thickness are low which is particularly important for function coatings.And: Fine labelling and logos remain unchanged after coating. The system also offers ideal conditions for total containment.