BP 10

- Integration of all current feeding systems
- Monochrome or two coloured lidding foil  printing
- Automatic edge control of the base web and  lidding foil
- Print mark control with lidding foil stretching
- Blister coding by embossing, Ink-Jet or Laser  marking
- Pin hole detection of the base web and  lidding foil
- Black/white- color fill control

Machine versions:

- Thermoforming with platen sealing
- Thermoforming with rotary sealing
- Cold forming with platen sealing
- Cold forming with rotary sealing


Heating station
Top and lower heating platen drives are controlled via separate drive motors.
Contacting movements of heating platens and temperature pre-selection can be controlled from the touch screen panel.

Forming station 4-column guided forming station with it's own servo drive.
Direct or indirect cooling of tools.
Closing pressure via knuckle joints up to 10 metric tons.

Base web indexing
High precision servo motor for base web advance.
Wide opening of station for ease of base web threading.

Filling Area Length of filling area approx. 1.200 mm can be extended on a modular basis.
Integrated drives for brush box and dedicated product feeding systems in closed housings.
Smooth surfaces for fast und thorough cleaning.

Sealing area / Roller sealing system ( C )
Uniform temperature distribution over the entire sealing roller surface.
Large diameter sealing roller, therefore low sealing roller surface.
Simple pre-heating of lidding foil due to large overlapping area on the sealing roller.
Large diameter of cooled indexing roller, therefore:
- long products also to be positioned in the travelling direction of the base web
- gentle product handling due to long cooling area

Sealing area / Platen sealing system ( I )
Platen sealing station guidance via columns with integrated servo control.
Validated process independent from the machine speed.
Pneumatic clamping of tools for a fast format change
An integrated cavity position control ensures precise repeatable indexing of the web at any condition.
High speed area with embossing, perforation, punchingErgonomic height.

Good accessibility of the station; simple and fast change of tools.
Simple and reproducible perforation depth adjustment (adjustment on the tool).
Self-cleaning punch due to inclined discharge area.
Optimal punching due to cavity positioning of the base web.

Each blister is positively guided.
Optimised suction pick-up arm for safe transport of difficult to handle blisters.
Simple blister removal without stopping the machine. Based on the production sequence in the forming cycle (IPC).