TFS 10
Tubefilling mahcine

- jacketed hopper
- agitator
- fill level controls in hopper
- various filling systems
- tube cleaning
- code reading
- folding tools for the closing of aluminium tubes
- hot air sealing of plastic and laminate tubes
- semi and fully automatic tube loading systems
- tube seals with special contours


High profitability
The TFS 10 excells through minimal maintenance intervention and top availability. At less than 1 square meter space requirement, this machine makes the best of your expensive packaging floor. Working stations are clearly laid out around the high-precision rotary worktable. Good accessibility make for fast size changeovers.

More flexibility
Folding and sealing stations can be simultaneously and permanently arranged on the filling machine for aluminium and plastic or laminate tubes.

Operator friendliness
Good accessibility, clear machine design and proven filling systems make the TFS 10 a machine which is simple to operate without special skill personnel.